Price points below are for well-maintained vehicles. We offer FREE ESTIMATES

Interior detail. Starting at 200

Deluxe 1

Vaccum using brushes and air tools, clean dash and console, clean windows inside and out, clean mirrors inside oand out, shampoo carpets.

Deluxe 2 starting at 300

Vaccum using brushes and air tools, clean and dress all vinyl and plastic surfaces, including the dash, shifters, signal controls, instrument clusters, HVAC controls, console cleaned and dressed inside and out, glove box cleaned and dressed inside and out, all cup holders, kick plates, pillars, door panels, pedals, seat tracks, seats (Cloth shampooed, leather cleaned and dressed), trunk area vacuumed and cleaned.

Supreme Deluxe

Hand wash/paint decontamination, 6 month sealant, carpet/upholstery vacuumed and shampooed, vinyl, plastic, leather cleaned and dressed, all glass/mirrors cleaned inside and out.

Wash, clay, ceramic coating

Starts at 400

Exterior detail

7 step wash and wax starts at 300

Add on's.

Headlight restoration starts at 90

Headliner cleaning starts at 25.

Supreme 1 Paint correction. (Overnight)

Complete wash, decontamination, clay, panel prep, 1 step polish and ceramic coating.
Small car starting at 500, truck 650, SUV 700

Supreme 2 paint correction

Complete wash, decontamination, clay panel prep 2 step paint correction compound and polish with ceramic coating small car 700 truck 1k, SUV 1200